Sep 28 2014

Ingo Breuer

March for Life in Berlin, Germany

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Pro Lifers march past US embassy in Berlin

Pro Lifers march past US embassy in Berlin, © 2015 Ingo Breuer

Berlin, September 20, 2014 – More than 5000 pro-lifers gathered in the heart of Berlin for a pro-life rally. The March for Life demands a Europe without abortion and euthanasia and opposes a culture of death. Radical abortion and feminist activists heckled and disturbed the pro life march.  Pro-life demonstrators carried crosses in remembrance of the more than 100,000 children per year who are killed legally in Germany in the mothers’ womb.

The March for Life started in front of chancellor  Merkel’s administrative post at the Bundeskanzleramt and then led by the Reichstag – the German Bundestag congress – and from there to the Brandenburg Gate. At the Brandenburg Gate a lot of opposing groups of feminist, leftist and pro-abortion people where set up behind barriers. The police had to protect the peaceful pro-life marchers from the more violent and aggressive leftist demonstrators. They shouted hateful chants reeking with hatred against God, Christianity and traditional values. Christians marched by quietly and did not let the spirit of hatred affect them. It was conspicuous that the barriers between pro-life marchers and leftist demonstrators followed the path of the former Berlin Wall. I thought to myself the physical wall might be gone for almost 25 years now but the ideological and spiritual wall is still there keeping minds oppressed with devilish marxist concepts that keep people from receiving true faith in Jesus Christ and knowing God personally.

The march continued by the US embassy and the holocaust memorial. I hope that US officials took notice and realized the need to overturn Roe vs. Wade and put an end to the era of abortion on demand. From the Nazi holocaust to the modern babycaust. As we remember the millions of murdered Jews we should not think that we are more righteous today because in our day millions of babies are murdered in the womb in the name of “choice” for the sake of convenience. We must return to a culture of life. In order to prevent abortion young people must grow up with the self-evident fact that sex is for marriage and marriage is for life. Children are to be born within wedlock and one should not throw away one’s dignity outside of marriage. Children need the strong father and mother relationship. Fornication and adultery lead to abortion. Therefore, people have to learn the importance of marriage and traditional family because that is the safe environment for children to thrive in.

The March for Life ended in front of the Berlin Cathedral with an open air worship service. The following video with live Christian music from the worship service carries some impressions of the March for Life:

More videos on our youtube page:

While participating in the March for Life I even carried my Tennessee “Choose Life” special license plate beside one of the regular signs used in the march. I was asked by several what the meaning of the license plate was. The license plate used to be on my Ford Ranger when I lived in Tennessee. I never thought I get to use it in a pro life event in Berlin, Germany.

I hope the March for Life was an eye-opener for the people in the US embassy because this is a particularly liberal embassy which has been flying the rainbow flag as if the gay agenda was the US agenda. Now I hope they realize that there are some old time Christian here in this country that love the US but let me say it’s the old time Christian nation and not the modern mess.

I pray that may hearts of those counter-demonstrators who got exposed to truth are under conviction. Father in the name of Jesus I pray that the God-haters realize their sin and come to repentance and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. May their minds be renewed so that they also become pro-life since you are the way, the truth and THE LIFE.

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