Aug 12 2014

Ingo Breuer

Petition: Stop removal of Bibles from US Navy base inns!

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Bible placed by the Gideons

Bible placed by Gideons in hotel. Photo: © 2015 Ingo Breuer

NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Service Command) issued the directive to remove Bibles from hotel nightstands on US Navy bases worldwide. All because a few atheists complained. Does that make sense?

SUCCESS: Navy leaves in place!! This is a temporary decision. The removal of Bibles has been halted. The case will be reviewed. So please still continue to sign petitions. Now a British hotel chain is removing all Bibles from rooms for the sake of diversity and political correctness. I need your signatures on petitions protesting the anti-Bible move …

Please sign petition below ….

The Bible is the most-read and most-influential book in the history of the world. It’s influence can be seen in all parts of our culture, from politics to literature, architecture to music. Even in a more secular time, this influence is still seen and felt. This is why Travelodge’s decision to end the 126-year-old tradition of having a copy of the Bible available in every hotel room is so disappointing.

This petition calls on Travelodge to reverse their decision and place the copies of the Bible back in their hotel rooms to give their visitors the opportunity to be challenged, encouraged and inspired by this most remarkable book.

What can you do?


The American Family Association provides contact information for your protest against such anti-God. Please act now so we can serve to protect freedom at home and on base! Every war-weary solider should have the opportunity to have God’s Word available. Remember in WWII US soldiers even had chests with song books and field organ so they could have worship services on foreign fields in moments of rest.

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Here is the link to the American Family Association action page with phone numbers and e-mail addresses:

Navy order Bibles removed from base hotels

Let’s not judge ourselves unworthy of God’s blessings as the Christ-rejecters in Acts 13:46. What did they go wrong? They put the word of God from themselves when it was presented to them. That better be not America’s mistake. You don’t want to become history’s castaway!

The following is the text of a protest mail to the US Navy Exchange Service Command:

I am deeply disturbed in learning that the Navy has ordered the removal of Gideon Bibles from Navy Lodge hotel rooms.

More concerning is why the Navy would take its orders from groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, whose goal is to completely cleanse the military of religious freedom.

Throughout the history of our military, faith has been an integral part of the good order of our fighting men and women.

I urge you to do as the Air Force did in 2012 and reverse this bad decision. Allowing Gideon Bibles to be placed in nightstands in hotel rooms on Navy bases serve to inspire and encourage Navy personnel to be better people and better Americans.

If those Bibles are truly to be removed, then please allow independent Christian inspectors to monitor the removal and provide the public with accountability that Bibles are reverently handled and that the public knows what the Navy is going to do with those thousands of Bibles and where they will go.

The Bible has been the book on which the United States has been built. With concern we watch that this current administration forsakes the intent of the founders and is turning the US into an atheist police state. I ask you therefore again to leave the Bibles in place because the Gideons are an institution that is typically of America. The work of the Gideons is exactly the free exercise of religion for which soldiers fight to preserve the blessing of this liberty. So true American freedom should not be stifled through senseless overregulation and government bureaucracy.

Send a spokesman before the nation to deliver a sincere apology to the Christian community in the US and to the ministry of the Gideons.

I am a German and I spent a night at an Air Force Inn. There was no Bible in the nightstand so I placed one there at my own expense. I had to do that in Jesus name and because I love America, the old-time America that your parents and grandparents once knew!

Please send me your reply till August 15 so I can close my media report.

God's Word in a hotel room placed by the Gideons

God’s Word in a hotel room placed by the Gideons


Let’s pray so that the US Navy will reconsider. They can’t stifle the Word of God. It is not bound. We pray that the Word of God has free course on and off base. It is so sad when a nation forsakes its manifest destiny of being a light of the gospel and a haven of freedom. I hope there is still time to course-correct. Thank you for your signature on the above petition.

Now the Navy has the choice to show this world that America stands for freedom of religion but never freedom from religion! If you want freedom from religion, then go to North Korea, China, Cuba, Iran etc. where you find that you have no freedom at all. Because Jesus Christ is the only one who can truly set sinful man free. Apart from Jesus Christ humanity is enslaved to the bondage of sin manifested in so many addictions, totalitarianism, self-destructive habits, wicked ideologies. Only the light of the gospel can make the difference in this sinsick world.

Let those Bibles be placed back. Listen to the message of this song and take this message to heart: America, Keep Holding To God’s Hand!

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