Jun 28 2014

Ingo Breuer

Ten Commandments – Not Ten Suggestions

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Ten Commandments Sign Franklin, NC

Ten Commandments Sign Franklin, NC. Photo: © 2015 Ingo Breuer

“If you develop rules, never have more than ten.”

– Donald Rumsfeld

I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.
– Ronald Reagan

Godly Guideposts

No, these are not the murderous occult Georgia Guidestones which call for the killing of 6.5 billion people. This is God’s revealed law to mankind which He revealed to Moses who led Israel out of captivity. This law contains the prohibition ‘Thou shalt not kill’. Quite the opposite of what the Georgia Guidestones want. They are false. God’s Word is true. This Ten Commandments monument can be found in the city of Monterey, Tennessee. The flags are right across from it.

Today let’s ask God to cleanse our minds form the worldly guidestones mentality which is anything from socialism to new world order global police state. That’s something we don’t want. We want to live in freedom under a Constitution following the commands of the Bible without government interference.The Bible defines man’s duty and the way to Heaven.

The Georgia Guidestones buy into the unchristian tenet that the world is overpopulated. This is not the case. Nobody should feel guilty for having children. The important thing is that these children are raised according to Biblical principles and not handed over to the worldly media and education system for their upbringing because the world fills children’s minds with such perversions and ideologies that keep them from getting saved once they reach the age of accountability. You know you can’t dance with the stars and walk with the Lord. You can’t dress like a pop star and still be a decent, modest Christian. You can’t believe the gospel and believe in evolution and socialism. You can’t worship God and sing to Him while listening to the worldly music’s beat and foul lyrics. You can’t have the best of both worlds. You have to decide whom you will follow: Christ or this present evil world.

Highway Beautification

Not only only do the Ten Commandments beautify our roads, highways and byways in the form of billboards or monuments, they beautify our lives, hearts, minds, relationships and society. I wish they would outlaw these offensive and harmful “cheap divorce” billboards. How many children suffer because of that and what do foreign visitors think of the US when they see divorce ad billboards by the interstates? It should drive anybody to instant repentance such mourning over sinfulness in society. I see the Lord rebuking the world-loving adulterous generation of today. He rebuked the wicked and adulterous generation of his day. Matthew 16:4.

Let us put God first in our lives and not make second fiddle out of the things of God. Jesus must have pre-eminence in all things. Everything else comes second to the Lord.

I saw a billboard with a stupid message by a populistic modern chuch where they have no Bible, no doctrine, just fun and “worship”. It said: “Who said church is to be on Sunday morning?” What a sly suggestive question. Reminds me of the serpent’s question in Genesis 3. Obviously, the populistic, “sinner-friendly” churches don’t have worship service on Sunday morning because the overworked, secular, Sunday shopping, un-churched crowd loves to sleep in on Sunday morning. The Ten Commandments quickly put an end to that wrong mentality. We put God first and have no other gods beside him. Therefore, we give God the first and the best. That’s why we worship on Sunday because it is the first day of the week and that is when the disciples gathered for meetings back in Acts: the first day of the week, which reminds us of Christ’s resurrection. Church is never to cater to worldly desires and convenience. Sometimes Christians must inconvenience others when we stand alone against worldly errors and traditions and when we have to rebuke sin and separate ourselves from such sin. The Ten Commandments also tell us to remember the sabbath day. Six days of work and one day of worship and rest. The old-time Americans had it right. They closed the shop on Sundays and went to church. When looking for examples we have to look at old-time Americans generations ago. They had it right. We messed it up. All we have to do is seek for the old paths and return. That simple. There’s no point in changing everything and trying to fix things that ain’t broke. When it comes to church: I keep my King James Bible, old hymn book, Christian handshake, old-fashioned altar, Bible preaching, Sunday school, heartfelt salvation.  I don’t need a sound technician, overhead projector, rock band, gym, worship center etc. I love the old country churches where there is no PA system. A preacher must know how to raise his voice and sometimes holler and scream. That’s better than these amplified soft-spoken hushed voices.

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