Jun 19 2014

Ingo Breuer

Quick Bible refs on the right kind of music!

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Music existed in the garden of Eden according to Isa. 51:3. The context is joy, gladness and thanksgiving toward the LORD. Not worldly entertainment. In the book of Revelation we read about singing the praises of God before the throne in heaven. Rev. 5:9, 14:3,15:3.
Wrong music: Gen. 4:21, Ex. 32:17-25, Eccl. 2:8, Ezek. 33:32, Amos 6:5, Isa. 5:11,12. Note: Moses could tell that the people of Israel departed from God by listening to their music from afar in Ex. 32!
Satan is a musical being: Ezek. 26:13, 28:13. Descendants of murderer Cain were inventors of musical instruments: Genesis 4.
Right music: Bible contains the songbook of Psalms! Music tells who is in control. God or Satan? Study Exodus 32. Moses could tell by the singing that the people departed from God and worshipped a golden calf. Study 2. Chronicles 23:13-18. Wicked queen Athaliah could tell by the music that she was no longer queen. The people were praising a king. Our music ought to praise our king – Jesus Christ. Consider the enormous amount of Christian hymns by writers such as Fanny Crosby, Martin Luther, Paul Gerhardt, Gerhard Tersteegen, Count Zinzendorf, John & Charles Wesley … You won’t find a hymnal with that amount of songs in worship of Allah, Bhudda and the other false gods. Study 1. Chronicles 15:25-16:43. People sing and praise God as their King. Only one person despises David for playing the right music!
Examples of proper music: Eph. 5:18-20, Col. 3:16, 1. Cor. 14:26, Mt. 26:30. Godly music is connected with praise to God. Bible connects praise with strength: Mt. 21:16 & Psalm 8:2. Neh. 8:10. Psalm 118:14-16. Examples are found when Paul & Silas in jail: Acts 16:25. Numerous battles of Israel were won by praise, e. g., 2. Chron. 20:21-25. Special singers were appointed for that purpose and marched ahead of the armies. Praise is also connected to health & facial expression: Ps. 42:11, 43:5, Prov. 15:13. Heb 13:15. Knowing this it is logical why we abstain from worldly music because it alienates from God and can negatively affect – consciously or subconsciously – body, soul & spirit. Worldly music often incites rebellion, anger & depression instead of love, peace & joy. Thus, abstain!

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