May 17 2014

Ingo Breuer

Death sentence for pregnant Christian mother in Sudan

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The real face of Islam can be seen in Sudan right now where a pregnant Christian mother married to a South Sudan Christian man is convicted with the death penalty for “apostasy”. Why apostasy? Her dad is a Muslim. Mariam Dschahia Ibrahim Ischak, however, grew up as a Christian believer with her mother. Not only is Mariam considered guilty of “apostasy” but also guilty of “adultery”. Since the Sudanese law considers her a “Muslim” it is considered adultery if she marries someone of another religion. For adultery she might receive a public whipping and for apostasy death by hannging. Mariam is in prison with her 24 month old son.

Let us pray for her deliverance and her Christian witness. She has professed her faith in Christ before the court that sentenced her to death. Let us also sign these petitions to Sudanese officials to protest against her execution by hanging and to stand together with Mariam.

If you know further petitions I’ll be glad to post them here!

Sudan must forsake the error of Islam and adopt a constitution that limits government and acknowledges religious freedom as a God-given right. I hope Sudanese people receive a Biblical Christian worldviews so they can become a productive and free people. It’s that simple.

Once again we see the true face of the false religion of Islam. Wherever it’s in power there is nothing but oppression, poverty, violence and brutality. So nobody should be deceived by happy BMW-driving kebap-store owners in urban western cities. That is not the real Islam. That is a nice show they put on as they mooch on the benefits of western society.

This is another reminder that we must stand against any forms of islamization or introduction of sharia law in western countries. If they call you an intolerant Christian right-winger for opposing further islamic influence on our nation, the rejoice and be glad. The must civil and humane way of life in this world is the old-time Christian way. If you are an old-time Christian conservative right-wing extremist who voices opposition to islamization, then you have done something to stop the advance of evil in this world. I believe there needs to be an old-time Christian right-winger in the White House. This world would be a better place. With this Kenyan would-be Muslim in the White House the US is not even able to voice a clear opposition against the injustices in Sudan. America must move to the right drastically! Let’s remain totally intolerant toward Islam. Our intolerance and tenacity toward right-wing conservative Christian principles might save many innocent lives and oppressed people in Muslim countries depend on that.

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