Mar 09 2014

Ingo Breuer

Testimony: Miracle from a Helicopter

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Testimony: Miracle from a Helicopter.

Read this story about this Bible miracle when the answer to prayer immediately came from above.

I believe God’s miraculous power is unleashed when the word of God is published into a lost, dark and dying world. It doesn’t always have to be that spectacular. I am not a Gideon but I have committed to passing out scriptures and tracts on my own. Here is what I did yesterday …

Due to the good weather and having this Saturday off I went on a hike to enjoy God’s creation in nature. I didn’t leave home without a stack of tracts and gospels of John. I went to look up a geocache placed under a cross near the Gehn community here in Germany. It’s a stone cross and as I reached under it I found the geocache and left a card in the small box with an invitation to listen to the Bible Broadcasting Network. I visited a WWII cemetary and I left a gospel of John beside the roster of soldiers buried there. There was a small catholic chapel open and as I went in I left a gospel of John on one of the seats. I placed a gospel of John and a few other Christian books into two public bookshelves where people can either take or place books. I placed a gospel of John into several outlooks and one hunting blind in the Hürtenwald forest. Just imagine hikers and travelers who want to rest come to one of the covred outlooks and since they spend some time there they can discvoer God’s word.

There are many ways we can publish and spread God’s word and maybe miracles like the one above will happen. You never know. All I know is I serve a great God. So what are you going to do to spread the word of God?

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