Mar 11 2014

Ingo Breuer

Stop Angry Atheists’ Attack on WWI Memorial Cross | American Heritage, American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ

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Angry atheists have taken aim at this memorial, saying they are “shocked” and “upset” that a cross could honor fallen veterans. Absolutely ridiculous.

Get involved and sign a petition against atheist folly:

This is the Bladensburg cross in the state of Maryland. It is so ridiculous how atheists spew out their hatred toward Christans believes and Christian symbols while depending on a weak court system that is confused on basic American constitutional principles. That’s because modern America is lusting after Europe’s socialism and Asian cheap stuff. That is not what the genuine America that was deemed a Christian nation was about.

I want to show you a picture of a cross that was put up in memory of a US soldier named PFC Marco Jahr who was killed in action near Wahlerscheid at the German/Belgian border during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. This little cross is located in a wooded area in Germany near the leftovers of old WWII bunkers.

Cross in memory of PFC Jahr

Photo: © 2014 Ingo Breuer

Cross remembering PFC Jahr. Photo: © 2014 Ingo Breuer

So now it’s possible to erect a cross remembering a fallen US soldier on German ground on public land belonging to a German national park. But when you do the same thing in the US you get persecuted by angry atheists and liberal lawyers who don’t know basic law based on Bible, Constitution and the wisdom of America’s founders. How about that? Does that tell you something about character? It is so sad that people with such unbelief have to depend totally on worldly court systems to get some sense of justice. But that is what you get when you live without the concept of divine justice and judgment at the end of this age. You get addicted to lawyers and codes of law and judicial activism when you forget about the judgment of the Lord and the fact that all law and order comes from God and that all sin will be adjudicated – not by an earthly court – but at the Great White Throne. And even better than that: Not only do we believe in the judgment of the Lord, we also believe in the mercy of the Lord in that God forgives the repentant sinner, takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but has prepared a way of salvation. Commit yourself to God’s judgment give room to God’s vengeance instead of running to the lawyer for every wrong and every concern. Let’s practice Romans 12 and 1. Corinthians 6!

If you study the picture above you can see that I added a ziploc bag with gospel tracts and a gospel of John to the flower beside the cross. On the left of the cross you can see a small torn-off American miniature flag. The Lord willing on my next trip to the US this month I will buy some little flags at Hobby Lobby and place them out there at this rural location in Germany where once the battle for liberation was fought and won because of the sacrifice of individuals like PFC Jahr.

 I am thankful that in the forests of Germany there are such reminders of  the soldiers who fought for freedom from tyranny. And I rejoice that someone cared to put up this cross so we can prayerfully remember what went on here on a terrible day in 1944 when someone lost his life for the cause of freedom in this place.

Let’s take a firm stand against atheists who try to tear everything to pieces that other generations built up or righteousness sake.

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