Mar 20 2014

Ingo Breuer

102 Homeschooling Sites To Follow in 2014

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Homeschooling has proven to be an enriching and character-molding experience in education and family life. While modern worldly families are off to work and always “busy” home life is reduced to sleeping, some entertainment and paying bills. Everything else happens outside the home. Modern families often do not even eat together at a family table. Have you ever noticed that the family table is part of the blessed life mentioned in Psalm 128! If you have that, count yourself blessed!

Homeschooling, however, has brought families together and made the home – not the village, not the company, not “others”, not clique – the heart and core of life. Modern society views family life as merely a customer account for consumer economy. But family life should also be productive. There are family businesses. Families worship together. Families, of course, should also be in charge of education. Not the government. We as believers in Christ do not want a society of government-dependent, government-controlled single individuals who merely “do as they please” and live out every sinful pleasure. Of government we only want protection from foreign enemies and domestic crime. Everything else in life should be self-sustaining without the aid of government. Worship, education, work, family life are all sacred areas which require basically no government intervention except as mentioned in Romans 13 – reward the good, punish the wicked!

In order to get more of you involved in homeschooling I want to introduce you to a number of great homeschooling resources. Everything from the legal issues to curriculum and classroom issues. Why not check out the following 101 Homeschooling Sites:

101 Homeschooling Sites To Follow in 2014

These link was provided to me by a writer from

In addition to that I want to add the 102nd homeschooling site to follow in 2014 myself. There is a software available that can be used to create homeschool records as needed for lesson planning and also recording homeschool activities schedules. This program is called Homeschool Tracker. It is possible to download a free version.

Homeschool Tracker

Have you ever wondered? Bibles aren’t allowed in schools anymore but are encouraged in prisons. If kids were allowed to read it at school, they may not end up in prison.

It is sad that prison is the first time for some people where they can sit down, calm down and read a Bible, attentively listen to a presentation of the gospel. For some prison is the first time where the constant lull of entertainment, “others” and “busy”-ness come to an end and their minds become clear and open again. The eye-opening moment that some folks have while in prison really should take place early in life – at home, at church or in school!

Homeschooling is necessary since public schools create an anti-faith climate. They are not neutral. You are either for Christ or against Christ. There is no middle ground. You must decide. Homeschool fills children with the right ingredients for life while public schools often fail to equip children with moral and spiritual truth required for living life successfully. And living successfully means applying Biblical principles to your life because your Heavenly Father, Creator and Savior knows best. He knows what’s best for you. Not government or the socialist, humanist agitator.

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