Jan 04 2014

Ingo Breuer

Petition For Bus Driver Fired For Prayer

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Bus driver Stanley McNeil gives his testimony of being fired from is job as a bus driver at Rutgers University because of his faith in Jesus Christ. His offence: praying and laying hands on those passengers who asked for prayer. McNeil was a popular bus driver known for his motivational talks.

Another attempt by liberal fanatics to remove the name of Jesus from the public. The only name whereby a sinner can be saved and go to Heaven if one repents and believes on the name of Jesus Christ.

Please sign the petition against this wicked intolerance against a fellow Christian.

Bring Back Stan the LX Driver

But we press forward for Christ. As bus driver Stan says: We are all about God. Nobody can forbid us to pray or mention the name of Jesus. That is who we are. We as believers simply don’t identify with the neo-pagan, secular humanist ways and don’t share in this culture. We are in this world, but not of the world. Christ is who we identify with!

We are free to pray and God calls men to pray everywhere! 1. Tim. 2:8.

Houston Bus Drivers Wrote Up For Praying Over Two Way Radio

School Bus drivers in Houston gathered to pray for a grieving coworker who lost her daughter. They prayed together while using the two-way-radio system on the bus. The bus drivers were wrote up for this act of compassion because their actions violated “policy”. I guess the emerging American atheist police state is reeking with unconstitutional policy and overregulated to the point where you have to get permission from the government to breathe. The USA are beginning to act like the former Soviet Union. People really have to see their need to repent or else they will lose all their godly heritage. I had to fire off this e-mail to the Houston Independent School District human resource department:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I highly respect those bus drivers who prayed over their two-way-radios and thereby supported one of their coworkers. Those prayers are an act of compassion which should not be met with punitive measures as a result of overregulation that interferes with people privacy.

I ask that all write-ups or disciplinary actions against the bus drivers “guilty” of prayer are immediately rescinded. It is wrong to reward good with evil. To punish somebody for doing good is a sign of lacking sensibility for righteousness.

We hope that the bullying against Christian expression of faith in the public school system will come to an end. The greatest news would be an apology on behalf of the HISD to the bus drivers.

I will donate a paper shredder to your adress for the shredding of those writeups during a bus driver meeting or in front of the entire student body.


Ingo Breuer

I myself will pray for a spiritual awakening. It ought to start at school My heart goes out to those praying bus drivers. They did the right thing. Many of the students on those buses need prayer since many of them are probably lost and on their way to hell. They need Christ and must be saved.

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