Dec 01 2013

Ingo Breuer

He Loved Me With A Cross

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A great song about the love of God that was proven when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sin so that we could be forgiven and come to God in a covenant relationship reconciling us with our Creator and Redeemer.

Those huge crosses can be found in Tennessee right beside I-40 in Cookeville, beside I-75 between Lenoir City and Loudon. This cross belongs to the Providence Baptist Church. The other cross is located on top of a hill in Pigeon Forge off of Wears Valley Road.

You can see me drive at night on top of the hill near Cookeville where that huge cross is located. It reminds those who drive by on I-40 of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It should make us think of what the cross means to us. A symbol of redemption. A place where God’s blood was shed to redeem us from the power of darkness and bring light into our life. Have you found Jesus Christ as your Savior? He died to atone for your sin and my sin. But that’s not the end of the story. God raised Him from the dead and now He is highly exalted being seated by the Father in Heaven until His return in glory. He has all power in Heaven and earth and deserves to be worshiped. He is worthy. Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us. He endured the cross because He loved us and wants to save us. Let Jesus save you by repenting of your sin and receiving Him by faith in your heart. Then the Holy Ghost will work in your life. That ‘s called being born again. God’s Spirit will let you know that you are saved. Nobody else can let you know. Salvation is the beginning of your personal walk with the Lord.

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