Nov 05 2013

Ingo Breuer

Free To Pray

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Pray for our Nation

Photo: © 2014 Ingo Breuer


I believe in prayer. As Americans, we should be as free today as our founders were to pray. I support the continued use of prayer as part of public meetings and if you agree, please sign this Statement of Support for Public Prayer.

 America’s Founding Fathers recognized how crucial religious liberty is to our culture, and wove religious protections into our laws and government. They also took time to pray together publicly as they set about writing our Constitution.

Our legacy of prayer, and the very legal protections the Founding Fathers secured, is at risk. Town of Greece v. Galloway, an Alliance Defending Freedom case currently pending before the Supreme Court of the United States, asks the key question – will our government retain our Founding Fathers’ respect for public prayer?


Then, if you have a few minutes, visit and learn all about this pivotal case currently before the Supreme Court. The outcome could strengthen your religious freedom or discard a tradition that predates American’s founding.

God bless you,

Ingo Breuer

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