Aug 04 2013

Ingo Breuer

Marriage instituted by God

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What every Supreme Court judge, member of congress, president, pastor  or whatchamacallit needs to know about the true definition of marriage:

Webster's 1828 American Dictionary definition of marriage

Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary definition of marriage

This is from Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English language. This is what Christians believe and this is what the real Americans in the founding period of this Republic believed. This dictionary was standard in American schools. This definition would make a good  Sunday school lesson. In fact it is a good school lesson no matter what school you are talking about – public, private, home … This is not what Americans believed back then in an past era. No this is moral truth that has never changed. This defines what is being believed right now. As a result, the Supreme Court of 2013 ruled in error. President Obama is in error. The media with their whorish pop stars and lust queens are in error. Because God is true!

The whorish popstars of today are the very tools of Satan to bring about the promiscuous intercourse of the sexes. The lack of domestic felicity is an enormous problem in today’s relationship or, should I rather say, the lack thereof. Why is modern society working all the time to break up that mutual affection and fidelity by encouraging easy divorce, funding godless entertainment, filling the air with pornography and wicked music and by suggesting to people that children are a hindrance to education and career. The dictionary declares that marriage is to secure the maintenance and education of children. Not government. Not Obamacare. No European mandatory socialist daycare that criminalizes all those parents who keep their toddler at home. Liberal governments are trying to get all the children beginning age 1 to come to mandatory government run daycare. That is a particularly European disease. The socialist is using all government force to jealously protect children from being exposed to the gospel of salvation.

Noah Webster’s dictionary answers modern man’s quest for love. People are looking for love in all the wrong places. What they really want is mutual natural affection and fidelity. Not inordinate affection. Not feminism. It will take a real man and a real woman. A man who will love one wife and not one who is in love with his money, sports and other stuff. A woman that loves her children and her husband. But the easy divorce generation does not know true love. They think they prove love by buying stuff from Apple. And they divorce those who refuse to buy. What kind of love is that? And they fail to realize that true love for children includes chastening for misbehavior and training. Not doting and bowing to little tyrants who scream their way to get what their way. That’s not family. That’s jungle. You see, a 180 degree turnaround to a Christian worldview is overdue. Do you watch TV? Well, then you have to unlearn everything you ever saw and learn what you read from the pages of the Holy Bible. I feel sorry for modern man. He thinks he has so much learning but in order to life right before God he has to first unlearn und then relearn everything from the Bible because there is so much junk information out there today.

As believers we have already decreed in our heart that we must obey God rather than man. No Supreme Court or Obamabot can change the definition of marriage. God might judge a nation for forsaking his law and falling away from the truth. It is a shame when a people knows the truth and then refuse to keep it on their mind but tries to sue away every reminder of the truth. Modern society is repeating the mistakes of Romans 1:18 and following. Somewhere forgetting about God and hating even the thought reminding them of God’s truth.

What the 1828 dictionary says is the role model for the young. This is what every teenager needs to identify with in Christ. They are not going to be lust queens but mothers and godly women. They are not growing up to be dogs and mindless corporate soldiers and indebted graduates of mind control colleges. They are going to be fathers and godly men. Made to worship God and not a stupid career. Made to worship God instead of worshipping idols, ipods and ipads. But you are supposed to use your King James Bible as often as some folks use their iphone because the Bible is a constant stream of text from God to you and it has an app (chapter and verse) for everything in your life.

We can be glad that those early American educators like Noah Websters walked in the light of God’s truth. Today people walk in the ignorance of their unbelief. Paul writes about that in 1. Timothy 1:12-15. So let’s pray for God to be merciful and by His grace to lead people out of the ignorance of their unbelief into the light of the glorious gospel of Christ. Paul did a lot of stupid things in the ignorance of unbelief. So do people today! There is no difference between the radical Muslim and the secular God-hater. They all do some stupid things in attacking the underpinnings of a godly nation. But Paul had an experience with God where he realized that he is a sinner and that he needs Jesus. Such an experience can be found today at an old-fashioned altar or wherever you are while God convicts you of the truth of the gospel that Jesus shed His blood on the cross to make an atonement for your sin so you can be free from sin. That is how God reveals His love for you.

I hope your life will be molded by the truths as represented in the above excerpt from this timeless dictionary. Now it’s time to get judges in office who will copy and paste their legal opinions straight out of  Webster’s original dictionary.

If you don’t have one, then I strongly urge you to purchase one for your home and church right now:


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