Jun 08 2013

Ingo Breuer

Little Country Church

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Little Country Church, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Photo: © 2013 Ingo Breuer

While I was traveling through Gatlinburg, Tennessee situated in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, I have noticed this little chapel for many years. It used to be called “The Little Country Church” with a worship service on Sunday at 9 am. This year in May, however, I noticed that the church sign was gone and that ivy is growing all over the place.  I wonder if the place is closed since it’s in such disrepair. When you stand at the front door you can look in the window and see the pews, pulpit and a TV on the wall. I immediately thought what a blessing that would be if that place could be used for ministry among the many tourists. This is a quarter mile up the East Parkway right off the busy main Parkway leading all the way through Gatlinburg.

I wish we could use the TV up in there to do regular showings of Jack Chick’s Light of the World, classic Billy Graham crusades, the 180 Movie, Father of Lights and many other gospel presentations.

The Lord burdened me to place gospel tracts out at that place. We stayed in a hotel nearby. I had a few ziploc bags and filled them with several gospel tracts and I hung 2 bags on the hooks that used to carry the church sign. A few hours later I checked. One bag gone. I replaced it. And I kept replacing them several times for the duration of my stay in Gatlinburg, TN. I wish some of you who read this live near Gatlinburg and keep this up. My prayer is someone out there who got the tract bags got Jesus in their life now and turned to the Lord for all His life’s needs – most of all to be born again and set free form the chains of sin!

So if you are near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, please stop by the Little Country Church and place a bag of tracts while it seems that this little chapel sits there unused. Let’s pray that the Lord opens doors.

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