Dec 28 2012

Ingo Breuer

Michael Combs live southern gospel music

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This is from a Michael Combs gospel concert in Sevierville, Tennessee in November 2012.

I love music that lifts up the name of Jesus! Music is a powerful tool for either good or evil. Music cultivates. It cultivates character, manners, temper, attitude, emotion etc. Exposure to wicked worldly music will create a wicked, worldly person unless the involuntary listener willfully resists the wicked spirit of that music. As a believer I am plagued by worldly music on workplace radios, in stores and other public arenas. In order to cultivate good I have an interest in promoting godly music. Just imagine the effect: Old time Christian hymns sung in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Southern gospel songs played on the air in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Bluegrass gospel played at the Dubai Mall. “I Never Shall Forget The Day” sung on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. “I’d Rather Be An Old-Time Christian” played in Beijing, China. The Great Commission means sharing a video with southern gospel music with a person in Morocco. That’s why you have a share, recommend button. When I was lost I accidentally dialed the radio to a shortwave gospel station from Kentucky and they played this joyful southern gospel music. It touched my heart so deep. Nothing ever compared to the joyfulness of this music. Those songs beat everything I ever experienced in life so I began to investigate the power behind the music and a year later I was born again!! Music has a part in leading people to Christ. It opens and softens hearts. Music cultivates. Good music cultivates good. That’s why children need to learn the old-time hymns. And they will pick them up because daddy sings those songs in the truck. Mom sings those songs while working in the kitchen. Mom and dad sing those songs during their devotion and quiet time with Jesus. So these songs of worship run deep and become second nature. How heartless can a church be when they run out the old songs book with the hymns of revival and replace it with more entertaining modern commercial songs on which rights or owned and therefore royalties paid. Some things should never be missed at church: the altar or mourner’s bench, the King James Bible and the old hymn book. I get to feeling uneasy when one of these is missing. Therefore, we all have a duty before God to share godly music with a lost and dying world. The songs that praise Jesus should bring joy to the hearts in Iran or a dreary, grey suburb of Paris. Let us work toward that godly goal.

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