Dec 02 2012

Ingo Breuer

How To Use Gospel Tracts …

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Here is one thing you can do: Leave gospel tracts in interesting locations where people will pause and receive a message.

I was in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and there was this year-round Christmas decorations shop and in the midst of crowded place there was a waiting room where people can pause and rest for a while. Of course, I left a gospel tract there to tell others about Jesus. It has become second nature to me to leave a trail of tracts behind me wherever I go. During recent travel I left them at the airport in Paris. At the gate there was a huge rack where passengers could pick up a free newspaper before boarding the plane. Many people walked by and grabbed a newspaper. When I walked by I left a stack of tracts for others. And gospel tract ministry is all about serving others. I left tracts in the seat pockets under the tray table on the plane as well as in bathrooms, airport chapels (I placed one in the copy of the Quran) etc. While traveling along interstate 40 in Tennessee I discovered this abandoned church and I had to take a look at it, of course. While in there I left gospel tracts in several pews and on the sacred desk. Places like that amaze me. They reveal the nation’s Christian heritage and remind us why this nation exists: To give freedom to persecuted believers and to give them a place from which to send out the light of the gospel into a dark world.

I know that I am only a messenger. I leave to the care of my Savior who will read these tracts. I am just a messenger sowing the truth. I know a gospel tract can contain a message that can work preventively. It can prevent souls from going to hell. It can prevent unborn lives from being killed in the womb. It can prevent people from dabbling with sin and temptation. It can rescue someone that is suicidal or on drugs. As I was filling up the tank of my car in Knoxville, TN a woman and the man she was with were begging for money supposedly for gas to get back to Virginia. Who knows if this story is true. I couldn’t give her money since my own budget is tight and I have the suspicion that many times people beg money for drugs or alcohol. I gave her several gospel tracts. When I accidentally dropped the tracts she actually picked them back up. Please pray that the gospel will transform lives and reach that person as well as all others that have received a gospel witness. Christ is the answer for our troubles. He is with us no matter in what situation we might be in. I know there are places in this world that are so grey and dark. But Jesus has been given all power in heaven and in earth and through salvation we are indwelt by God’s Spirit and we have the hope of glory which is Christ within us. He lives in our hearts and no matter where we go God is with us because He dwells in us in our hearts through the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord.

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