Oct 20 2012

Ingo Breuer

Billy Graham: Vote pro-life, pro-family & pro-Israel.

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Evangelist Billy Graham pleads with America to vote for candidates upholding biblical principles such as the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and support for Israel. But the battle does not end on Nov. 6. Billy Graham asks us not only to vote but, even more important, to pray for America.

I pray

Pray for the president, the politicians, those in authority, the poor and the prisoner, and pray for the lost to see their plight and to receive Christ.  The best guide to instruct citizens to pray for their nation is a 1986 book entitled [amazon-product text=”The Rebirth of America” type=”text”]B000OK6RRQ[/amazon-product].  With the election coming up there ought to be a run on this book. It talks about the need for national repentance and the Christian’s job as intercessory prayer warrior.  One chapter explains how to pray for America. The main points are:

  • First, confess to God the sins that our nation has committed.
  • Second, Scripture commands us to pray specifically for those who have authority in our nation. 1. Tim. 2:2. “Because we have not laboured in prayer to place godly men in our government and to change the heart of godless men who occupy office, God has allowed us t be ruled by men who are motivated by selfishness, humanistic thinking, and peer pressure.” The Obama administration has deceived America with a false promise of “change” which led to socialism, economic and social decline, outrageous debt, and departure from  American heritage and destiny. The real change that is overdue is for the current president to change his heart about God, the final authority of the Bible, America’s godly heritage, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness part from government involvement. Are we praying for that heart change?
  • In this hour we must intercede for the men God has raised up to lead His people in the fight against the forces of Satan in this nation. I sensed America was headed for trouble when in the second half of the Bush administration great men like Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell, Adrian Rogers and D. James Kennedy went home. A generation of couch potatoes raised on facebook, ipod and Wal-Mart will not deliver any godly role models but just dwindle into the abyss of mediocrity and decline. Let’s get to intercede for those that lead the fight for right.
  • Finally, we need to pray for the millions of people in our nation who are trapped by sin. The power of sin is compounded through ungodly media from antisocial network to hellevision to smutphones.

The Rebirth of America presents five keys to effective prayer:

  • Personal salvation. You must be born again.
  • Purity of life. No unconfessed in.
  • Prayer according to knowledge. Know God’s ways and promises from the Bible.
  • Prayer with fasting. By fasting we show God that we hunger and thirst for more than just earthly things. We are hungry for Him and His kingdom.
  • Pray in faith. Elija prayed and it affected the climate for years. Prayer is a serious matter! Have faith in the fact that effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much.

The book concludes with the idea that America is too young to die. I agree.

Will God Save America?

Will God Save America?

Gospel tracts ask the question “Will God Save America?” as they form a cross at a grocery store bulletin board in Carthage, Tennessee. Photo: © 2012 Ingo Breuer

The tract in the photo can be read online: Will God Save America?

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