Sep 02 2012

Ingo Breuer

Cuban authorities deny Christian family’s exit

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Christian Solidarity International ask to please write to the Cuban embassy in your country, respectfully asking them to honour international law on this matter.  Ask them to issue exit visas for the whole family, not just Omar’s wife Kenia and their children.

Here is my Open Letter to the Cuban Embassy in London:

Dear Sir:

I wish to call your attention to a Christian family in Cuba that wants to leave Cuba for the United States. I disagree with Cuba’s policy of splitting this family by only allowing the mother and children to leave but requiring the father, Mr. Omar Gude Perez, to remain in Cuba.
It is time for faith, family and real freedom in Cuba. I call on you to get involved in immediately to let Cubans move about freely and if they wish to leave the country, let them do so. If you want Cubans to stay in Cuba, give them a reason to stay by abandoning communism and creating a culture that respects man’s God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government-sponsored antichristian  lifestyle of hostility toward the traditional family is not a safeguard for real happiness. I understand why people want to leave Cuba. Cuba’s policy reminds me of Pharoh in Eqypt who tried to compromise Moses’ request to let the people of Israel go (Exodus 5-12). Pharaoh only wanted the men to go but have the children and women stay in Egypt. Pharaoh rightly said he did not know God (Eph. 5:2).
I pray for the Cubans and esp. those in government to know God by a personal experience of a new birth and covenant relationship with Christ. The Perez family has come to know God and I ask that you cease from denying them their basic rights and liberty. Please let let Perez family leave Cuba and stay together. No government should split families since families (one man and one woman and their children) are the basic building blocks of a strong nation and society.


Ingo Breuer

No Rotten Compromises

We can be glad that there is a Helms Burton Act, a wisely enacted US embargo against Cuba. It is up to Cuba to renounce communism and ensure that no weapon is pointed against the US. Pharaoh tried to talk the Israelites into staying in Egypt by proposing 4 compromises. At first he offered them to do sacrifice to the Lord right there in Egypt. But Moses and Aaron did not bend, bow or budge. He said this is not meet so to do! We ought to know what is not meet to do so before the Lord today instead of making rotten compromises with the world, the flesh or the devil.  First leave the country and then sacrifice and worship! In the next compromise Pharaoh allowed them to leave but not very far. He wanted to keep his cheap labor slaves entangled in Egypt. He allowed them to have a little religious niche or compartment. But no! God wants us all. We are not to compartmentalize our lives into a secular and spiritual part. We are not to be worldlings on weekdays and act spiritual for 2 hours on Sunday. No way, Christ wants to fill our life. He is our life, our everything. Ne exceptions. When we serve God, there is no room for compromise with any Pharaoh’s such as idols, covetousness or the fear of man. In the third compromise Pharaoh offered only the men were allowed to go and sacrifice to the Lord. Under the guise of protecting the children from the walk into the desert, Pharaoh only allowed the men to go. But serving God is not a man thing. Worship is for the whole family. Husband and wife are one. So they must worship as one. Serving God is not a mere private, individual matter. It is just as much individual as it is corporate. It is just as much private as it is public. In today’s secular culture there are attempts to reduce Christian faith to the individual and the private area. Faith and the Bible are pushed out of the public and the social life. Let us be careful not to be partakers of that trend. We worship in private and in public. We worship individually and corporately as a family, a church and in other gatherings. How many forces are at work in today’s society that tell us to keep religion a private matter and not “get the kids involved”. That is just as wicked as Pharaoh’s proposition was back then. If we don’t shape and mold children the Christian way, then who will mold and shape them? The secular humanists in the schools? Or the outright perverts and profane people on TV who show graphic examples of sinful ways of life right in front of children’s eyes on TV? It shouldn’t take hurricanes and tornadoes to turn TVs off. Let choice and conviction turn it off. God had in mind that whole families leave Egypt and worship Him.Pharaoh’s final compromise was to allow the Israelites to leave for worship even with their children, but they were to leave their flocks and herds in Egypt. Which would leave them without a sacrifice and they would have to leave their livelihood in Egypt. God wanted to really liberate the Israelites and set them free from Egypt. Pharaoh only tried to bind them to Egypt. Our Christian life is hindered if we are bound to sin’s power or worldly lusts. God wants to set us free. We can enjoy the good things of this world the Lord gives us but we must be able to move as God directs without being bound to things, pleasures, addictions, riches etc. Moses did not compromise. He answered right into Pharaoh’s face that none of their flocks will be left behind in Egypt. They will leave and take everything with them. They will need their flocks and herds for sacrifices. When it comes to faith we cannot compromise. We need to stand on our convictions even if we make Pharaoh mad. There are things too precious and to important to compromise. We can compromise on preferences but never on principles.  Even if the current  US President mocks those who “cling to guns and religion” it is a basic life lesson to cling to convictions and to cling to our faith. By the way, a Bible word for cling is “cleave’ as a husband cleaving to his wife (Matthew 19:5). Could it be that we have failed to learn what it really means to cling to something or someone. Families and relationships break up way to quick over small things. And some people change their beliefs and principles all the time just to fit in the crowd and please others. God does not want us to  weasel and flipflop for selfish advantage, profit or popularity. We must cling to what we believe and to whom we love. Some things cannot be abandoned, compromised or changed. We need to cling to them and keep them!

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