Aug 19 2012

Ingo Breuer

LOSS! Oakland Zoo Removed Ten Commandments Monument

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Open Letter In Defense of Ten Commandments Monument

Atheists seem to be addicted to running to lawyers for their defense (1. Cor. 6!). I know because they have no advocate in Heaven (1. Jn. 1). God bless those Americans who first placed the Ten Commandments monument in the state park that later became the Oakland Zoo. Here is an open letter to the zoo director. I demand that the public is told what is going to happen with the monument. With God’s help it might be put up again in a place where even more people will be exposed to its message.

Bring Back The Ten Commandments!

Dear Mr. Parrott:

I oppose the removal of a Ten Commandments monument at the Oakland Zoo just because an atheist frowned at it. What makes this group so special that they receive such preferential treatment? Christians are offended at many sights but nobody jumps up and immediately removes the cause for offense.

I appreciate and respect the faith of those Americans who first placed the Ten Commandments monument at the Oakland Zoo. It serves as a reminder of what is the foundation for law and justice in the western world. I express my deepest admiration for those who placed this monument back in 1965.

Please don’t allow yourself to be bullied by the lobby of atheists and other un-American groups. The Ten Commandments are part of American heritage no matter how much the atheists disagree. I think it is a great idea that when people come to see God’s creation at the zoo they are also confronted with the Creator’s instructions for life.

I appeal to you to place the Ten Commandments monument back in its location.

If you do not place the Ten Commandments monument back where it first stood, I ask you to please inform me what you will do with the monument. It should be treated with a due respect for those Americans who first placed the monument and we should try to understand their motive. They loved their country and its Christian underpinnings. They did not want to “denigrate” the atheist but America was a nation founded on Biblical principles. America without Christianity is like summer without sunshine!

Please send me a photo of the Ten Commandments monument in its location at the zoo to serve as a reminder of those great days in America when there was freedom of religion and the Ten Commandments display could be found in a state park or zoo.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply because we want confirmation what is going to happen with the monument. We don’t want it to be desecrated by those who angrily raise their fist at God and deny his existence & authority.


Ingo Breuer

Let us remember that this is more than just a cultural war. This is about souls in a lost and dying world. Our lives ought to be walking Ten Commandments monuments. But even more than that. Because of sin we need salvation. God’s law convicts us of sin. It shows us that we are thieves, ungodly, murderers, covetous, adulterers etc. So Jesus has come to take away our sin and He wants to write his law upon our hearts. Our hearts are the tablets upon which God can write his law. Our voluntary obedience to Him shows our love for God.

Ten Commandments Challenge

Atheits might sue to remove a cross in the desert, a Jesus statue in the woods, the Ground Zero cross in New York but they can’t sue against what is in our hearts – Christ in us! Since they are busy suing against public displays of Christianity I have been busy for hours and hours posting photos online of scripture signs, crosses and Ten Commandments placques. My question to you: Can you do the same? Have you seen a cross display or Ten Commandments monument in your area? Take a picture of it and post and share it online everywhere you can so this generation growing up with the internet will see plenty of reminders of Christian America and exposure to the message of Jesus Christ for personal salvation. Post them on facebook, flickr, panoramio and any other forum you might like. I even posted a photo  of a Ten Commandments placque I made myself on the facebook page of the Oakland zoo. On your last resume you wrote that you are proficient with the Microsoft Office suite. Then create your own Ten Commandments placque, print it and post everywhere the Lord gives you opportunity. Don’t have time? Get mine! See link! I placed a German one on a signpost near a chapel in the woods and it stayed there for almost two years until the signpost was removed because the wood decayed. You can also get a Ten Commandments  yard sign esp. now during election time.

The godless try to sue against every reminder of God because the mere thought of God convicts them and unsettles them. But God’s word ought to convict any sinner. When you get under conviction you should not run to a lawyer but rather run to an old fashioned mourner’s bench where you will repent and trust Jesus Christ. There you will find forgiveness and the burden of sin will be done away with. You might feel so happy and free that your sin is gone that you might want shout and scream and praise the Lord. God is good. Trust him!

Go to yardsales and flea markets and buy Ten Commandment placques like people used to have them in their homes and place them in your home or your church or your business or whereever God will lead you to. Or just mail it to Ingo Breuer, Antoniusstr. 3, 53894 Mechernich, Germany and I will place it in public somewhere in Germany! How about that? Develop your own creative idea to spread the Ten Commandments message while atheists sue to remove them from other places.

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