Jun 30 2012

Ingo Breuer

US ambassador to Germany participates in vulgar gay pride parade in Berlin

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Who is he an ambassador of?

US ambassador Philip Murphy is seen side by side with the queer Berlin mayor at a gay pride event in Germany’s capital Berlin. Ambassador Murphy also wrote  an editorial in a liberal German newspaper defending Obama’s anti-christian campaign against God & family and the so-called “Christopher Street Day” which has become a major gay pride event. The question is: Who does Murphy represent? Since he is obviously not representing those Americans who believe in traditional marriage and family. Murphy is a veteran corporate soldier of Goldman Sachs. Murphy is a big contributor to the Democratic Party and Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest supporters of the Obama campaign. Oh, that’s how you get an ambassador job.

Dear Ambassador Murphy:

Why do you participate in the CSD pagan festivity when you know that this does not properly represent the USA? I’m a German who lived in Tennessee for 9 years and I have been preaching in Baptist churches, worked in American factories, paid my taxes, given to churches and my daughter goes to school there. I know that what you have done in Berlin meets the absolute disapproval of most of the people I met and worked with in the rural south. I have even met an ex-lesbian who is now a follower of Jesus Christ and even she expressed disapproval over Obama’s ideas of gay rights, same-sex marriage and arrogantly trying to legislate morality and forcing believers into compliance with political correctness under the threat of losing their job. That is not liberty!

As a German, I 100% support the Tea Party movement and I have made this video of one Tea Party event in Tennessee with great music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0bzKKtaEbM

I also sharply disagree with you editorial published in the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” which I believe is a distortion of facts. The idea of “gay pride” in and of itself is morally wrong. How can anyone have the nerve to be proud of something that they know God calls an abomination, inordinate affection and contrary to nature? How can anybody be proud of sin? To be proud of sin is nothing more than raising one’s fist in rebellion against God, who gave us His word in love as an owner’s manual for the human body.

As ambassador you should be careful not to cave in to the gay lobby in Berlin. What would Ronald Reagan do if he was in Berlin again? Are you aware that one of San Francisco’s biggest gay rights activists is now under trial for child pornography?

Please be careful not to give any American support to circles and individuals that are caught up in child pornography! When I lived in the US I worked 60 to 80 hours a week in a hot factory. Those hard-earned taxdollars I paid should not be wasted on Berlin gay activism or Planned Parenthood abortion industry.

I love America and don’t want to see this nation turned into a cesspool of sin. I love the America of Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Andy Griffith Show and southern gospel music but I reject Obama’s arrogant marxist experiment. Obama has tried to turn America into another dark European-style socialist nation. He has failed to understand the principle of American exceptionalism and he has failed to understand what Supreme Court Justice Josiah Brewer called the “Christian nation back in 1892 and I believe his commentary is authoritative and needed in 2012.

What an irony that Justice Brewer grew up as a son to missionaries in Turkey and later as Supreme Court Judge noted that America is a Christian nation while President Obama goes to Turkey and flatters the radical Muslims by saying that America is not a Christian nation. Mr. Murphy, I stand with Justice Brewer’s America and I reject Obama’s concept of “change” or moving “forward”.

I wish you had not participated in the CSD frenzy. My prayer is that America will have an ambassador in Berlin who is a concerned conservative Christian able to show the Berlin mayor with compassion the scriptures from a [amazon-product text=”King James Bible” type=”text”]141854891X[/amazon-product] that we should not take pride in sin. Pride cometh before destruction, the Bible says. It takes a godly ambassador who shows the Germans that they are wrong with government-sponsored childcare beginning at age 1. They are wrong with their hatred toward the [amazon-product text=”traditional family” type=”text”]0873983599[/amazon-product] and their utter disrespect for the traditional role of the woman as mother and housewife. Germany is wrong with its prohibition against homeschooling and their radical environmentalism which drives the cost of living up so high that families require some kind of government handout to live on because incomes spend on taxes, fees and energy bills leaving nothing for people to realize their personal dreams. In order to be fair, you should also represent the “other America” – those who live in small southern towns, read the Bible on the porch, enjoy family life, attend church and own guns. That old-time American way of life needs to get a voice in leftist, pagan Berlin.


Ingo Breuer

Berlin, Germany’s capital, has become a secular cesspool of sin with a large portion of Muslim immigrants and a strong leftist, liberal, pro-communist and atheist camp. Entire city districts are controlled by Muslims. Local politics is controlled by atheistic-humanistic groups tied together with the gay lobby who fought for secular education and brought antichristian gay propaganda into elementary school. Christian opinions and influences are often met with hostility and get suppressed. Some districts give refuge to former radical leftist RAF terrorists who got an early release. One terrorist woman – Birgit Hogefeld – got three life sentences in 1996 but was released in 2011.

As a practical Christian one wonders how to bring light into such darkness? My efforts have extended from letterwriting to politicians and embassies to mailings to groups hostile to Christian faith, and, of course, prayer for those in authority. I know nobody likes those unsolicited marketing mailings but I do believe God uses unsolicited faith mailings to call sinners to salvation and give people hints and thoughts about His redemptive love and righteousness. My dream is to get a 1980s US pick-up truck and cover it with Christian bumper stickers, scripture magnets, QR code posters of Christian websites and drive it through Berlin all day – driving by government buildings, embassies of communist, Muslim and totalitarian states, Muslim districs, leftist distrits, Brandenburg gate (where Reagan asked Gorbachev to tear down the wall) and Siegessäule (where Obama gave his arrogant one-world messianic speech). Interested people can get free gospel tracts which I already have thousands of. An alternative to a US pick-up truck would be a Chevy G20 conversion van since this campaign is literally about conversions. Seekers can be invited into the van to show them Christian movies like Jack Chick’s “Light of the World” or Ray Comfort’s “180 Movie” etc. If you want to contribute to the realization of this effort, please use the donate button or if you have any Christian bumper stickers or scripture signs to give away just mail them to the address given on the “Contact” page.

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