Apr 07 2012

Ingo Breuer

Hunting in Germany

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Deep in the woods on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. My feet were sinking into a layer of undergrowth and old leaves with each step. How peaceful the sound of birds chirping. I love these walks. But I am not just walking here for recreation. I am on a special “hunting” mission. I pass by douglas fir trees, mossy oaks and countless spruce trees. Then I come closer to a deer hunting stand or hunting blind as people call it. Mostly they are not locked. I climb up the ladder and enter the blind. There is mostly a place to sit down. Some blinds are insulated with carpet since it gets quite cold here. I sit down and go to the Lord in prayer. But I am not here to hunt for deer. I am here to hunt for the Lord winning souls to Christ. That is why I go to these places and leave a gospel tract or Bible portion there. Because these deer hunting stands are not only good for hunting. They offer a lot more. They are a separated place  where one can spend time alone with God away from other distractions. I am surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. These places are also a prayer closet where we can shut the door and pray to the Father in secret. You know we need personal secret devotions, family devotions and congregational devotion in our church. These three are the bare minimum. Depending on where we work we often run short of corporate devotions. We should never ever sin by compartmentalizing our life. Christ is all whether at home, at church, at work or wherever. I leave those tracts and Bible portions with the hope that the hunter who will spend lots of time in the deer hunting stand will take the time to let God speak to him as he discovers the gospel literature. May he read those gospel messages while looking for game to hunt for. I have left many tracts and scripture portions in forests in the Eifel region of Germany and in Belgium.

Here are some photos I want to share with you from this tract ministry to the hunting community:

Hunting Blind

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The next person coming to this place will be confronted with the gospel message of Christ.

Wherever I go I plan on leaving behind a trail of gospel tracts to let people know of the plan of salvation. God’s word will not return to him void. People get so stuffed with wrong messages that cause their lives to become worse and incite them to make unwise decisions. So at this time it is all the more crucial that we ask the Lord to open us a door of utterance to speak the word of truth and to be able to give every man an answer of our hope. Colossians 4:2-6 speaks of “salted grace”.



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