Mar 18 2012

Ingo Breuer

Church Signs Answer Life’s Most Basic Questions

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The above video is the result of traveling across Tennessee over the years – of course in American-made automobiles only. That matters to me. It tells the story of salvation and answers some of life’s most basic questions about our need for God. I have always enjoyed the messages on the signs of so many Christian congregations. They have blessed my heart and given important nuggets of wisdom or reminded me of basic truths.

As a Christian who loves photography it is common that you see me stop and take a picture of those signs so I can share the gospel message with others. Looking beyond the borders of our small towns and communities we notice that we are engulfed in world of spiritual darkness. You will not see the scripture signs in Europe and the nations that were to be “rebuilt” after wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still the most dark places without the gospel. In fact these nations are among the biggest persecutors of Christians. That is why I send this video out with the hope that it will plant the seed of the gospel in many hearts the world over as they come to know the love of God by faith.

Some of the photos of church signs have been posted in cnn ireports and Google Panoramio photos:

Southern gospel music has always touched my heart. This music is where I’m home. That is why you hear the Crabb Family sing  “Give Him The Battle”. You know, Satan is the biggest loser. He lost his first estate when he was Lucifer, the anointed cherub, and rebelled against God pride. Don’t let Satan blind you and make you lose your eternal reward and your right to make with peace through Jesus Christ. Satan makes losers out of people through sin. See what Adam & Eve lost when they were evicted from paradise and lost that sweet fellowship with the Lord? See what Cain lost after murdering Abel? See what Judas lost when he betrayed Christ? See what David lost when he committed adultery and murder? Sin offers a short pleasure but that will be followed by regret, sorrow and missed opportunity for happiness. Let Jesus give you victory. He is the Most High. Satan is the most low. That is why he advances low living. But we as believers in Christ need friends in high places, most of all our friend Jesus Christ. Let’s make sure the church and the home is a a high place that is filled with the presence of the Most High.

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