Mar 07 2012

Ingo Breuer

ABC attacks Christian womanhood: Sign petition now!

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ABC and big corporations like PepsiCo are sponsoring filth, depravity and anti-Christian brainwashing.

Whether it is a Pepsi ad in Britain showing sodomites or the ABC program GCB which reviles Christian women and blasphemes Jesus Christ. “Good Christian B—–” is based on a book of the same name by an author named Kim Gatlin. As an old-time Christian I’d prefer a TV version of S. C. Abbott’s classic ” The Mother At Home” knowing that this Christian message is much more needful and helpful to many of the disoriented people today who do not know lasting, eternal Christian values that foster a culture of love.

Unwise Choices

We must stand up in outrage and protest against the unrighteousness committed by these media outlets in delivering depravity into the homes and public and spreading hatred toward God and mocking Christian people. Do they know that they sin against a holy God? Do they know that God is not mocked and that they shall reap what they sow. I don’t want any part in their harvest. I want to warn them about the dreadful consequences of falling into the hands of the living God who will avenge. The scoffers and mockers think it’s 2012 and the age of Christianity is over and now we can do as we choose or please. The misled crowd even believes that in America one has the right to do whatever they choose. I really don’t care about a freedom of choice when the choices made are unwise, unhealthy, irresponsible. What good is a free choice when the choice is wrong. A free choice can only be a good thing when it’s an informed, wise choice that is based on right principles. But if people don’t know the will of God then how can they make a wise choice. People curse themselves and others with their so-called free choices? How can someone make a free choice when they are in bondage to sin, lust and the public opinion?

Blessing – Not Cursing

I care about God’s holiness. It means so much to me. I don’t want  to be surrounded by a godless culture that blasphemes the holy name of God. What a bad example in front of children! What a bad example before the eyes of the living God who sees and hears everything. Our language needs to be one of spoken blessings – good and pleasant words, speaking truth in love and open rebuking when necessary.

Get Involved

I urge you to ask ABC to cancel the GCB series immediately. Please consider refusing to buy from the sponsors of such programs. Christianity should not be ridiculed on TV. Hitler used to ridicule the Jews through his mass media outlets and it led to a horrible holocaust. Therefore, Christian  morals and faith should not be ridiculed because the anti-God crowd seeks to attack freedom, faith and family and advance government control over people’s way of life.

Please join me in signing this petition to oppose ABC’s GCB series. Get involved and share this with all your friends:


If you want to write to ABC and the sponsors, please go to this news report from HSLDA:

Needed: Good Christian Homes

Our culture is in need of good Christian mothers, wives, husbands and fathers. The real challenge is: Are you going to be one of them or are you absent without leave from God’s calling on your life? Are you running from the role God wants you to play in your life and your family? You can hide behind your TV and join with the enemy’s crowd and enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season or you face God now and let Him give you a true vision for life based on the word of God. Programs like GCB are a curse but God wants to bring blessing and the family is the channel of blessing according to Psalm 128.  Psalm 128 talks about the godly Christian home. Please pray that God fills your heart and lets you get a grasp of the vision for the home in Psalm 128.

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