Jul 21 2011

Ingo Breuer

Greatest Flight Still To Come

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End of space shuttle era. America’s greatness comes from dependence on God

Just a few minutes ago space shuttle Atlantis touched down at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The space shuttle era has come to an end. First of all, I thank my God that I had the privilege of growing up as a child in the 1980s and and watch space shuttle take off, spacewalks and touch downs on a regular basis. This was always part of my life.
The end of the space shuttle program however is not an end to America’s greatness. America was great before the space shuttle. America was great before the moon landing and the large aircraft carriers and heavy bombers, fighter jets and large jets like the Boeing 747. All these are part of American ingenuity, but America was great long before all these things came into our lives. America was great before the 1950s large, chrome-shining cars came up. America was great before World War Two victory.
What made America great is the goodness of its founding principles and the goodness of those people who first settled and pioneered these lands and established communities and churches. I see the goodness of America as I look though an 1828 Webster’s dictionary or as I watch a 1950s Billy Graham crusade or see a small country church in rural Tennessee. It is the idea to establish a Christian-based environment apart from the oppressive regimes that ruled Europe back in those centuries and that still today have a tendency toward socialistic control. What makes America great is the faithful preaching of the word of God from a King James Bible in a country church. It is the morals and way of life that is shaped by Sunday School, family devotions, revival meetings, singing of old-fashioned hymns and the traditional family. It is the way of life that is not characterized by government intervention but by individual freedom.

America’s greatness does not come from space shuttles but rather from dependence upon God. It is the nation that honors God that is called a delightsome land of blessing. Malachi 3:10-12. Nations that do not honor God do not have the delightsomeness that one feels when reaching American ground. The greatness of the  United States is commensurate with the nation’s closeness to God. Are Christian principles the guiding light of life, education and all public dealings?

While we look at the end of the space shuttle era there is still a great lift-off to come for those that trust Christ: the rapture! Are you ready to be caught up and to meet the Lord in the air when He comes? Without prior warning or notice we must be ready and prepared to be taken out of this world to meet God. Those who have rejected Jesus Christ will be left behind to experience a period of God’s wrath being poured on this unrepentant sinful world during the so-called tribulation period which is prophecied in Daniel 9 and explained in detail in Revelation 6 to 18.

As believers we are going to be saved from going through that period of God’s wrath. 1. Thessalonians 5:9,10. There is still a great take-off coming when we will be changed and translated into the presence of God just as Enoch and Elijah. There is a reason why we sing the familiar hymn “I’ll Fly Away”!

The space shuttle era is over, but thank God we still have a King James Bible (1611-2011) to be our daily light and guide. This Bible has brought forth fruit and shaped America’s character through countless sinners coming to a saving knowledge of Christ, countless revivals, great awakenings, Sunday School teaching and Bible preaching etc. The Bible is your flight ticket to a better place with God in Heaven. It is more powerful than any rocket or carnal weapon of warfare. It is the tool to victory in Jesus.

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