May 24 2011

Ingo Breuer

Significant Risk of Injury to Children

Filed under Christian Family LifeShare! recently reported that the near-bankrupt big government Nanny State considers back-yard games for children to be dangerous! Consider this:

This week is National Backyard Games Week, a time to remember the games you played as a child and pass them on to the next generation. But be sure you take the chance now, before those games are outlawed.

According to several news stories including this one from Time, a New York state law passed in 2009 and scheduled to take effect this summer will have the state Department of Health (DOH) set a list of games “with significant risk of injury” to kids. Games included on the list will require additional state oversight and even licensure for camps or child care providers hosting the games. As recently as last month, the list included red rover, wiffle ball, kickball, any variety of tag, and other childhood favorites.

Fortunately, the DOH has pulled the list for now and promised a whole new guide book. But the law remains, and the new guidelines are still unknown.

The very fact that the DOH has such power in the first place is troubling, and would become much more so if the United States were to ratify the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

That’s because the CRC asserts that “In all actions concerning children…the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration,” and “that a child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will, except when competent authorities … determine…that such separation is necessary for the best interests of the child.” (CRC articles 2 and 9, emphasis added) No showing of abuse or neglect is needed, no imminent danger to the child. Allowing a child to play a game which the government has deemed to involve “significant risk of injury” to kids could certainly be sufficient cause to have your child removed from your custody.

Government is wrong! Most children today lack outdoor experience and exercise. In fact, it is a blessing when children can learn from  the parent or grandparent how to plant and keep a garden and how to play with other children outdoors. The real dangers for children are lying in wait indoors and many times they start with the letter i… (-phone, -pad, -pod …) in addition to addictive antisocial networks, perverse or brutal games, indecency on TV, pagan lecherous dress habits advertised on TV and media mega stars and idols whore are unfit to be role models for our young people.

Remember the goal that God establishes for children! Jesus says:  Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me.” Mt. 19:13. Children need to be brought to Jesus for of such is the kingdom of God! Bring children to Jesus by teaching them the scriptures just like little Timothy was taught (2. Tim. 3:14,15). The Lord even further defines the plan for children: “having his children in subjection with all gravity (1. Tim 3:4) … ruling their children and their own houses well (1. Tim. 3:12) … faithful children not accused of riot or unruly (Tit. 1:6). How can you realize these goals when children are addicted to facebook but not facing the book of God? How can you realize God’s plan for children when they want a cell phone more than spending time communicating with God in prayer? How can a child learn to love and worship Jesus when the culture pressures our children to worship worldly idols such as Lady Gaga, Hannah Montana, sports stars, Hollywood actors? We should not judge these people or hate them because they themselves have a need for Jesus and salvation in their lives, but it is unwise to leave our children exposed to the hype that is made about these idols of worldy popularity. It all boils down to this: What are your children exited about? Teach them to be fired up about Jesus, the Bible, the local church and soulwinning. In a Christian home the children are not exited about worldly pop stars but about missionaries, historic Christian figures, America’s founders, educators, military heores and godly presidents. Amen and Amen!

Not the outdoor games should be outlawed but rather wicked hellevision programs such as “children’s sitcoms” where young minds are being sexualized and robbed of that innocent sense of purity children have. Who ever thought of that wicked idea to exploit children’s entertainment to send sublime messages to their hearts that will hinder them from serving God? God forbid!

Make sure children learn to love the outdoors and to love reading good books, while leaving the TV and the pop stars alone. You can immunize them against the ungodly pop culture where they don’t have the slightest appetite for it. And that is the Lord’s work in our time that we populate heaven with souls that have been led to Christ through godly homes.

The danger to our children are not the outdoor games but the greatest menace to our future destiny as a nation is the lazy, spoiled couch potato who doesn’t want to work but just get entertained with worldliness. The addictive media gadgets and the worldly pop culture are the greatest risk of injury to the soul and character of a child. It is our supreme duty to protect the purity of our children by guarding their hearts.

This summer enjoy the outdoors with your children. Take a walk together and play some backyard games!

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