Apr 17 2011

Ingo Breuer

Turn Your Radio On

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There is an old gospel song by hymn writer Albert E. Brumley entitled “Turn Your Radio On” which adequately expresses the value of Christian radio. Maybe you this famous song. It says: “Come and listen in to a radio station where the mighty hosts of Heaven sing … If you want to hear the songs of Zion coming from the land of endless spring Get in touch with God Turn your radio on.” If you have lived in a place where there is no local Christian radio station that broadcasts faithful Bible preaching and old-fashioned gospel songs, then you know something is missing. As I write, I am in Germany where there is no godly radio station on FM and just a few religious broadcasts on AM. If you turn on the radio, there is mostly worldly music and worldly opinions but not that refreshing, joyful voice of righteousness. Since the arrival of the internet it is possible to hear the songs of Zion everywhere and to also make available the preaching of the gospel in areas that have so far been shut off from getting the good news that Jesus Christ died for us to set us free from sin that we might live through Him forever and ever.

I was blessed by the following radio messages on King of Kings Radio as I drove along interstate 40 in Tennessee. While the media is often controlled by leftist liberals and carries a depressing, antichristian message and persuades people to abandon Christian faith and values, it is important that we consciously support Christian stations that bring old-fashioned Bible preaching and old-time gospel music.

I appreciate even more that some Christian radio stations still broadcast the sermons of faithful preachers who have gone home to be with the Lord a long time ago – preachers and Bible teachers like Lester Roloff, Oliver B. Greene, J. Vernon McGee or Adrian Rogers. These are God-called men who have something to say – unlike the slick, flattering mega-church entertainers of today.

I want to share with you 2 very special moments of listening to some of those old-time preachers as I was driving at night. My prayer is that many get saved as these men preach the word even as I myself found the Lord as I heard the word of God preached to me on Christian radio.


If you love Christian radio and Bible preaching, please don’t forget to like, share or favorite these presentations, so others may know as well. I hope you have come to know the Lord as your Savior through salvation by grace through faith as mentioned in those sermons. Don’t turn down God’s offer of grace.


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