Mar 26 2011

Ingo Breuer

Faith in the Word of God

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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17.

The King James Bible has been instrumental in evangelism, mission work and soulwinning for 400 years now. When I lived in Germany with German being my mother language I accidentally discovered Christian radio on shortwave and began listening to preachers such as Lester Roloff, J. Harold Smith and many other old-time Baptist preachers. Finally I asked the Lord to come into my heart and I got saved. These preachers all preached from the King James Bible. Something that I cannot describe began to fascinate me about the English Bible. I tried diligently to get one. You would think that as a native German speaker I would want to read the Bible in German, but it was not so. Finally, a Baptist church from Lawrenceville, GA sent me a King James Bible. I was so grateful for this Bible. Although I am a native German I began reading the King James Bible in English. I had to go to some dicitonaries to check the words that are not used much anymore in today’s everyday language. Sadly, our language corrupts but the English of the King James Bible sounds pure, clear and easy to understand. Later on, a Church of Christ sent me a New King James Bible and that book simply did not have the glory that the King James Bible had. Something within me just made me shy away from that NKJV. I have also used several German Bible translations and some of them produced doubt instead of faith because of doubtful marginal notes that attacked the doctrine of divine inspiration and the vast number of corrupted and missing verses, esp. verses dealing with the divinity, the virgin birth, miracles of Christ and the way of salvation. But in 16 years of being saved the King James Bible has always been there as a reliable anchor of my faith. Oftentimes I am saddened to see good things come and go. Good times pass. Good jobs won’t last forever. Good cars deteriorate. Good places many times are destroyed and “redeveloped”. Good people and good friendships pass. Nothing hurts more than the pain of being uprooted by change. What a comfort it is that we have a God with whom there is no change (Mal. 3:6). The King James Bible is exactly this unchangeable word of God for the English speaking world. We shoud not allow our faith to be uprooted by new Bible version. We do not need to participate in all of this change, but rather ask for the old ways, where is the good way (Jer. 6:16). Thank God for churches that are “King James Only”. Only the King James Bible has witnessed revival, awakenings and large number of conversions. New Bibles have produced confusion, apostasy and departure from th gospel and from Biblical principles and standards. The new Bibles simply lack authority whereas the King James Bible remains an authority for our faith and life. I have studied many different German Bibles but only one King James Bible. When I preached the word of God I would not have dared to preach from another English Bible. You just don’t want to to trade in a mansion to get a shack in return.

The World Bible

It always amazes me how God is working in history. When God dealt with the nation of Israel the Scriptures were written down in Hebrew. When God addressed the Gentile nations in the Old Testament he used Aramaic. When God transitioned to the New Testament and salvation was offered to Jew and Genitle the Scriptures were written down in Greek. Nowadays English has become the world language. English is the language of aviation, seafaring, world econnomy and computer technology. By God’s providence we have an English Bible that we can use in soulwinning all around the world. It takes lots of time and effort to translate scriptures into new tribal languages. But it is easy for someone to learn some English and to get ahold of the truth from the King James Bible. So before a Bible has been translated into a new language the King James Bible in English can already minister to new tribes and ethnic groups that have not yet heard the gospel. It is a blessing to see the King James Bible in many hotel night stands and at airport book stores. It only saddens me to see that the King James Bibles sold at US airports and gas stations are made in China. Now I am not against Bibles printed in China. In fact I am all for Bible printing in China. But the Chinese people themselves ought to benefit from these Bibles by being allowed to read, study and preach from them! I believe there is no reason to import Bibles made in China to the US. Americans ought to be able to print Bibles in the USA. It is unwise to outsource major lines of production into far-away volatile states and leave people at home without a job. It is an enormous waste of resources and a national security risk to ship goods all around the world just because they are no longer being manufactured in one’s own country. It is safer and more efficient to keep supply chains short.

Remember the lost

The idea that new Bible versions in “today’s English” would help win more souls has failed. The King James Bible is  truly the soulwinner’s Bible. Now we see a rise of a wicked culture that blinds the masses so that people remain in their lost condition – separated from God by nature through sin (see Romans 5). Many people are not even aware that they are lost and unsaved. They have been deceived by false life concepts promoted in the media and have been “too busy” to ever find out what God has to say. Many churches don’t even confront people with the gospel but turn into mere entertainment and social betterment clubs instead of preaching the gospel from the King James Bible and teaching it faithfully in Sunday School. America is a dreadful place to live in apart from being in the house of God and following the word of God! Those children who are raised by television, internet and public schools will not grow up as those genuine Americans that were raised in small schools, country churches, rural communities and surrounded by institutions made in America. It is wrong when young people in this nation grow up with junk food, Chinese-made junk toys and have the idea that the need to become lecherous rock stars or sports pro criminals. Everywhere they go they carry their cell phone and are busy punching buttons on their little gadgets. They are facebooking when they ought to be facing The Book. Instead of carrying their cell phone everywhere and texting about everything to everybody, it is better to always carry your Bible with you and constantly send prayer updates to your Heavenly Father without ceasing. You need to be texting to God in prayer at all times and in all places (1. Tim 2:8, 1. Thess. 5:16).  Do you have the guts to take you Bible to all the places where you take your cell phone? Do you have the courage to use your Bible in all the places where you usually use your cell phone? Don’t be fooled by worldly gadgets that have become idols and never neglect the blessing of having he preserved word of God with you in the King James Bible.

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