Dec 12 2010

Ingo Breuer

Nativity Scene

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The nativity scene of where Christ was born in the manger of Bethlehem reminds us of the fact that God’s Son entered the world through the family – one man and one woman. God honored the marriage relationship when Jesus Christ came into this world – God incarnate.

Faith and Action, a Christian outreach to top government officials in Washington, DC, teams up with the Christian Defense Coalition, to hold a live Nativity Scene at the US Supreme Court. The event, with actors, a real camel and donkey, was staged to communicate the true Christmas message on a national stage, as well as remind Americans that such displays are protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

I greatly appreciate this effort by Christians who seek to defend our religious liberty and be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Supreme Court is a fitting location because Jesus Christ is Righteousness in person. Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Bible says: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isa. 9:6. In the millennial reign the Lord Jesus will establish his government on the throne of David in Jerusalem with judgment and justice. In the present church age, Chist comes to dwell in the heart of believers through the Holy Ghost. Thereby, God’s word is written on the tables of our heart. In fact, our children need to learn – memorize & meditate – the scriptures just like Timothy did (2 Tim 3:15). We can be sure that young Timothy learned the truth from his mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5). There is something special about a child sitting in your lap while reading the Bible to him or her. We are to meditate on the word of God, i. e. reading and rereading on key passage until we know it by heart and the word of God becomes second nature to us.

The live nativity scene in front of the Supreme Court speaks volumes. That is why I took a photo of this scene and designed & printed some Christmas cards of it. You know the Bible says that we ought bless those that curse us and pray for them who persecute us. In Luke 14:12-14 we are called to be a blessing to those who cannot recompense us. So I did not mail these Christmas cards to friends, neighbors or kinsmen. Instead I mailed those Christmas cards with a photo of the Live Nativity Scene at the Supreme Court in Washington to the following groups:

  • Embassies of nations that are hostile to Christians and posssess no liberty. There are plenty of those nations. Take Iran, Vietnam, North Korea, plenty of African countries, for example.
  • Politicians or groups who have been supporting feminism, murdering unborn babies, the queering of our culture, islamization of our culture and other antichristian movements.
  • People who have openly expressed unbelief and rejection of Jesus Christ or mocked the Bible in public and thereby misled the souls of others.

Will you pray that the Lord will bless the hearts of those who receive the cards? I have sent cards to those who deny and scorn Christmas and where minds are blinded by sin. Here are opportunities for the light of the Gospel to shine into these nations darkened by unbelief and antichristian ideology.

The real message of Christmas is a message against big government (Roman tax collection), a pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family message (Jesus Christ being born to Mary and Joseph and no government authority to remove their custody or intervene because of their poverty) and also affirms the Christian concept of male headship in the home because Joseph led his family to safety being led by the angelic dreams while Mary submitted to his leadership.

I hope you take the time to watch the video above and like it, favorite it, embed it and share it with everyone that needs to hear this Christmas message.

“As long as Christmas renews the world — as long as we ask and receive, and knock and it is opened — as long as we see the Many Mansions and the Living Vine of which we are the branches — the positivists rage in vain. Let nothing you dismay! ‘Christ’s own renaissance’ shall come, the candles and the holly shall glow, the carols shall ring. There is no room in the academic inn, and the children of this world, like Herod, hold the sword. But the children of men can never prevail against the Child who is God.” E. Merrill Root

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