Sep 18 2010

Ingo Breuer

Acting for America

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I would like to urge all my Christian friends to sign a petition against the erection of a Muslim mosque just a few steps away from Ground Zero in Manhattan. What a mockery of all those innocent lives who were killed in an unheard of act of terrorism against the United States. Radical Mulims brought down the World Trade Center by using airplanes as weapons of mass destruction and now the adherents of the false prophet of Mohammed are audacious enough to erect their house of worship close to the crime scene of 09/11. Mohammed, the founder of the Muslim religion, was quite an impostor when he claimed that the angel Gabriel gave him the revelation of the Quran, the sacred book of this religion. However, there are some problems: there are different versions and translations of the Quran and obviously Mohammed was not sure if Gabriel was an angel or just a spirit. The Quran even makes the ridiculous mistake of mixing up Mary, the mother of Jesus, with Miriam, the sister of Moses. Obviously, Mohammed plagiarized and copied contents from the Bible and misused them for his own spiritual destruction. It is always wrong to take verses from the Bible out of context. A text without a context is a pretext. That is a basic law of sound Bible interpretation. The Quran makes mention of Jesus but denies that Jesus is the Son of God. It denies that Jesus is part of the Godhead. It robs Jesus of His divinity. It denies that Jesus Christ died on the cross to atone for the sin of the world. While Muslims often brag that they believe in Jesus, they do not believe in the gospel of Jesus which hinges on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Muslims believe in another Jesus, a false Christ. To them Jesus is not the Messiah – the Savior of the world. Islam reduces Jesus to a mere “messenger” of Allah who was superseded by Mohammed. The real Jesus of the Bible warns his followers not to pay attention to false prophets and false Christs that come up after Him. Muslims sometimes claim they believe in the Old Testament. If the didm they would discover that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed because it testifies of Jesus Christ (John 5:39).

A False Religion of Evil

Islam has from the beginning been a conquering, militant religion of violence. Mohammed was filled with hatred toward Jews and Christians and was a violent Arab who killed innocent people. The Quran even commands the killing of unbelievers and those who turn from the Muslim faith and convert to Christian faith. If you believe Islam is a religion of peace, you have been deceived by the politically correct. Isn’t it a shame that the US Army has burned Bibles that Christian US soldiers wanted to distribute among Afghans? At the same time Muslims burn Bibles and burn US flags but they react with fear of terror and a global outcry when a Florida pastor announced that he wants to burn the Quran (note Acts 19:19). We pray for American leaders to not fall into the trap that Europeans have fallen into when they flatter toward Muslims and enforce integration which is nothing but government-run re-education and politically correct indoctrication.

Sign The Petition

I don’t want a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan. That is why I signed a petition to mayor Bloomberg in New York opposing the mosque. I urge you to sign this petition too at

We oppose the mosque!

Macon County, TN Leads By Example

ACT! for America has even caused local governments to enact laws that permit any business with companies involved in sharia finance or terror financing. Macon County, Tennessee has passed a resolution at the request of ACT! for America that permits the county to do any form of business with companies or organizations involved in terrorism.  ACT! Representative appeared before the commission June 7 and suggested commissioners pass a “Shariah Finance Ordinance.” A draft ordinance was provided for commissioners. Shariah finance, according to the group, “is a powerful economic tool of Political Islam disguised as a harmless religious method of investing for Muslims.” Furthermore, the group alleged in June, “Western investment firms like Citigroup, HSBC, Dow Jones, USB and AIG banks have created Islamic banks within their corporate structures, hiring Shariah Authorities or Imams to manage this new entity with discretion.” As Christians we are leery of the economic rise and megalomaniacal attitude of countries like Dubai, the United Arab Emirates or the high-mindedness of the Iranian government. We believe that our wealth should not be catered to such nations through whatever scheme, ploy or fraud. We are prayerful that people in these countries recognize the lost condition of their soul and respond to the convicting power of the word of God as it is being preached all over the world. They need Christ as their Savior. The Quran mentions a little bit about Jesus. May they discover who Jesus really is. They have to turn to the Bible to discover what Jesus’ messsage is. The Quran does not contain any prophecy or promise of eternal life and eternal security of the saved. So the Muslim has no hope but lives in fear of a future judgment. But he has no blesssed hope of rapture and ressurection. These things are mysteries which can only be found in God’s true authority – the Bible.

I congratulate the people of Macon County to their new resolution outlawing any form of financial dealings with questionable groups or companies that could support Muslim terror. Here is the text of Macon County’s resolution:

WHEREAS Macon County has been informed that certain businesses or other companies may have affiliations with or conduct business with terrorist organizations, and;

WHEREAS Macon County finds all terrorist organizations to be repugnant and against the principles upon which our great Country was built, and;

WHEREAS many men and women from Macon County have served honorably to fight terrorism worldwide and;

WHEREAS Macon County wants no association with any company that would do business with or otherwise have any affiliation with terror organizations.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the County Commissioners of Macon County, Tennessee in its regularly scheduled meeting on this the 16th day of August, 2010, that the Macon County Government shall not engage in business of any kind with any other business or other organization that is connected, affiliated, or does business with any terrorist organizations.

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