May 25 2017

The Life and Death of Captain John Birch – “The War-Weary Farmer”

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Little known artifacts at the Warner Robins Museum of Aviation in Georgia about the life and death of John Birch including his insightful essay “The War Weary Farmer”. John Birch came to China as a Baptist missionary but as WWII intensified he joined the Army Air Force and worked as an intelligence officer to rescue US troops and guide planes. As a soldier he continued his work in preaching, witnessing and ministering the gospel. John befriended and loved the Chinese people. He was brutally killed by Chinese communists 10 days after the end of WWII. This video contains John’s essay “The War Weary Farmer”.

May 28, 2017 would have been John Birch’s 99th birthday.

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May 25 2017

Sign NOM’s Petition to Attorney General Sessions: Defend Religious Freedom!

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Have you signed this petition already?



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May 12 2017

Time to do something about divorce. Start by helping Texas reform their divorce laws. | Sign this petition!

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Join this petition! Texas Representative Matt Krause: Time to do something about divorce.
Start by helping Texas reform their divorce laws:

God will judge America for its pretense of a “Christian nation” but still holding on to these liberal, family-destructive divorce laws. They are in violation of God’s command “Thou shalt not commit adultery” and the fact that God hates putting away according to Malachi 2.

Under no-fault divorce, the law sides with whoever wants the marriage the least, even when the other person wants to keep the family together.

Rep. Krause says: “We make it a lot harder to get into marriage than we do to get out of it. It almost seems like it should be the opposite.”

Rep. Krause’s bill gives the spouse who wants to remain married a chance to work to save their marriage. This especially benefits their children.

The proposed bill requires both spouses to agree to the divorce or to demonstrate fault, such as infidelity, abuse, felony, or abandonment.

No-fault-divorce is an injustice as wicked as slavery. We shall overcome!

It is time the corrupt and ungodly wicked laws of the land are changed so they uphold marriage, integrity and discipline. As Christians in church we are in the business of putting divorce lawyers out of business. Now that is true praise and worship! Can you say amen?

If not, then this blog is the wrong place for you.

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May 02 2017

Urge the president to veto any bill that funds Planned Parenthood

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Over the weekend Democrats and Republicans agreed on a 1.07 trillion dollar spending bill that will fund the government through September. What’s wrong with this spending bill? Well, many things, but among the worst is the fact that abortion giant Planned Parenthood continues to receive its roughly $500 million in federal funding.

In a letter to pro-life leaders during the campaign season, then candidate Donald Trump promised to defund Planned Parenthood as long as it continues to perform abortions and reallocating its funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.

In early March of this year, President Trump said in a statement to the /New York //Times,/ “As I said throughout the campaign, I am pro-life and I am deeply committed to investing in women’s health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of non-abortion services such as cancer screenings.”

Democrats are celebrating this as a legislative victory. This shouldn’t be the case. Voters gave Republicans control of the House, Senate, and White House in November of 2016. President Trump promised to defund Planned Parenthood. He should fulfill this promise. According to a Congressional Research Service report
, Congress has the authority to defund Planned Parenthood through various avenues.

Planned Parenthood murders hundreds of thousands of babies each year. This organization should not receive taxpayer dollars.

The only way to stop this horrendous spending bill is to encourage President Trump to veto any bill that funds Planned Parenthood. Remind the president that voters elected him to fulfill his promises.

The American people must fight now or Republicans will not follow through on their campaign promise to stop funding America’s largest abortion provider.

*Take action*

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